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SwiftKit 1.0 Released!

After a long but successful BETA period, SwiftKit is now at a state where we are happy to release it. The SwiftKit Staff would like to thank all the BETA users who've stuck with it and reported any issues. We hope that you continue to use SwiftKit and should you have any issues at all that you let us know via the SwiftKit Forums.

Now that SwiftKit has been released officially it would be a great time to tell your friends about it. Especially if you know of any still using SwiftSwitch. Just be sure that they obtain SwiftKit from the official sources SwiftKit.net and Zybez.

So what's going to happen to SwiftSwitch? We decided to not completely disable SwiftSwitch as doing so would encourage players to find old SwiftSwitch downloads which could be infected with malware. Instead we've updated SwiftSwitch to add in some messages to let those still using SwiftSwitch that they should be upgrading to SwiftKit as SwiftSwitch is severely out of date and no longer supported.

Posted by Strider3282 in Client News | 07 Jun 2020 | 338 Comments


wolfdegol @ 07 Jun 2020 02:21 pm

u guys owwwn!!!!! tnx for the awesome tools runescape would necer be the sameeee!!!!


Chazzietea @ 07 Jun 2020 02:19 pm

Two Thumbs up to the SwiftKit team !!! Thank You for all your hard work ~ Gratz on a great Prog !!!

Ice101 @ 07 Jun 2020 01:12 pm


Wouterk @ 07 Jun 2020 01:09 pm

Congratulations Strider & the rest of the crew ofcourse :)

Good job all :D

Mre521 @ 07 Jun 2020 01:07 pm


Supertails94 @ 07 Jun 2020 12:51 pm

Heh, it could've been non-beta a while ago ^_^
I absolutely love SK, much better than SS ever was.

However I'm still having trouble with the Java runtime environment not being able to be loaded... I can fix it, but it's a pain to do every time I start SK. But it still works great ^_^

strider3282 @ 07 Jun 2020 12:40 pm

xoroda, your SwiftKit will automatically update to the latest version.

xoroda @ 07 Jun 2020 12:38 pm

so is our swiftkit transformed to reg or do we need to redownload?

papplaci @ 07 Jun 2020 12:25 pm

good job guys!

Reaper @ 07 Jun 2020 12:21 pm

Swifswitch was good, and it also had it's faults. Swiftkit is much better, and doesn't really have many faults. If it does, it's because of the computer. =D Congratulations SK crew!!!

Emptiness1 @ 07 Jun 2020 12:20 pm

you guys own

i swear, if it wasn't for this program, i wouldn't have met many people i know now

thank you truly

dodohkm @ 07 Jun 2020 11:57 am


Good Job! @ 07 Jun 2020 11:50 am

Gratz on kit's release! I'm sure you guys worked very hard and you deserve lots of recognition

SpeedFire @ 07 Jun 2020 11:24 am

Well done guys!!!!:)

Adib @ 07 Jun 2020 11:10 am

Huzzah for official release. :D

GARNETT, that's the way it's supposed to be. If we made the applet scrollable - so as to hide the ad and be able to chat on RS and IRC simultaneously - we would be "hiding the ad" and Jagex would throw a hissy fit.

David, I'd suggest taking a screenshot of your IRC Status window when it's trying to connect to a channel and post it on the Zybez forums so that we can help you out. There's not much help we can offer on this news page with limited capabilities. :P

Teuben0 @ 07 Jun 2020 11:00 am

W00T...Love The New Update Team

Ickle @ 07 Jun 2020 10:23 am

Thanks for all the hard work getting this together for us players. good luck for your future plans.

David @ 07 Jun 2020 09:59 am

My irc wont connect to a channel. It says nick registered and shows how many people are in channel but it doesn't open a new window to connect me to the channel. what should i do

patrick @ 07 Jun 2020 09:39 am

lol its all like at the same time

pokerface @ 07 Jun 2020 09:38 am

tnx and gratz :-)

patrick @ 07 Jun 2020 09:37 am

i love sk i have been using it since i was a weeeeeeeeee laddddddd

GARNETT @ 07 Jun 2020 09:28 am

i tihnk you should make the window different for free players as when there IRC is open, they cannot chat in runescape

Tyler3_o @ 07 Jun 2020 08:49 am


Thomfeller @ 07 Jun 2020 08:37 am

A Job well done. I bow to your inovation. I have been using the Beta and have told everybody how cool it is!!!!

Paul-loko @ 07 Jun 2020 08:29 am

Gratz, been with wiftkit for awhile now and now its 1v its great =P

Light Bulb @ 07 Jun 2020 08:06 am

Thanks alot to everyone helping to make SK work. I'v been using it fromt he first day the BETA was out, and I'v just seen it get better and better. Keep up the good work guys!

Andrew @ 07 Jun 2020 08:01 am

Congratulations man !!

Cha0s T4nk @ 07 Jun 2020 08:01 am

Well done on the official release! I've been using SwiftKit since the beta, and the software opens up a whole new world to Runescape. A huge thanks to the SwiftKit team. Congrats and keep up the brilliant work! =]

Mak @ 07 Jun 2020 07:39 am

Proud to be with the guys since the closed BETA :).

It has certainly come a long way.

That Guy @ 07 Jun 2020 07:24 am

Great ive been using SwiftKit since the first day of the beta.

smythl;uke666 @ 07 Jun 2020 07:24 am

great job its really gd
well done to all the team

Alex @ 07 Jun 2020 07:16 am

I've been using SwiftKit since the first BETA was released and it's just got better and better.. was a proud user of SwiftSwitch aswell and i just wanna say that SwiftKit has by far surp****ed SwiftSwitch.

Well done SwiftKit crew :D

dieter @ 07 Jun 2020 06:58 am

Many gratzes to the SWIFTKIT team!!!!!!!!

Trip @ 07 Jun 2020 06:48 am

Well done! Runescape wouldnt be the same, if i didnt have swiftkit tools at my side.

Minifootyguy @ 07 Jun 2020 06:46 am

Woot! =D

59 @ 07 Jun 2020 06:42 am

I'm with bob :P

bob @ 07 Jun 2020 06:31 am

i think you should make it so that the notepad is the same size as the irc window

Rafunzi @ 07 Jun 2020 06:11 am

Congratulations, i've been using SwiftKit since first beta arrived!

I was a proud use of the SwiftSwitch Too.

To all SwiftKit Crew, WELL DONE!

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