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SwiftKit 1.0 Released!

After a long but successful BETA period, SwiftKit is now at a state where we are happy to release it. The SwiftKit Staff would like to thank all the BETA users who've stuck with it and reported any issues. We hope that you continue to use SwiftKit and should you have any issues at all that you let us know via the SwiftKit Forums.

Now that SwiftKit has been released officially it would be a great time to tell your friends about it. Especially if you know of any still using SwiftSwitch. Just be sure that they obtain SwiftKit from the official sources SwiftKit.net and Zybez.

So what's going to happen to SwiftSwitch? We decided to not completely disable SwiftSwitch as doing so would encourage players to find old SwiftSwitch downloads which could be infected with malware. Instead we've updated SwiftSwitch to add in some messages to let those still using SwiftSwitch that they should be upgrading to SwiftKit as SwiftSwitch is severely out of date and no longer supported.

Posted by Strider3282 in Client News | 07 Jun 2020 | 338 Comments


Miki @ 01 Jul 2020 10:49 am

Thanks for this awesome program! :)
I'm sure all these RS nerds like me will love it. (no offence :D)
It's quite useful so thanks again! ;)

Will @ 01 Jul 2020 06:11 am

WOOT! - SwiftKit is so awesome, ever since my friend told me about it I've been using it! ****ay for Swiftkit!

`Ashley @ 01 Jul 2020 03:23 am

Lovely <3

warriordad4 @ 30 Jun 2020 02:30 pm

Great job . You make playing more fun. Keep up the great work.

warriordad4 @ 30 Jun 2020 02:29 pm

u guys have done a great job making this work. Keep up the good works.

Orc Killer24 @ 29 Jun 2020 05:39 pm

Awesome job delelopers,

you make runescape much better,
without you,
swiftswitch/swiftkit wouldnt even exist :D
you have all my Thanks

bart @ 29 Jun 2020 12:27 pm

well done wel done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

morbideraser @ 28 Jun 2020 11:30 pm

how do i find chat find people to talk to oer swiftkit?

stalin @ 28 Jun 2020 03:36 pm

the new swift kit is harder to use then swift switch cause you need to make it more easyer to use and im with 59 a8out the pad and stuff

W00tpecker @ 28 Jun 2020 12:48 pm

Well done, i love it, and will stay with it untill the end.

Lets hope you update it for the graphics update. :)

zak @ 28 Jun 2020 11:09 am

i think its ok and ****

Reddude104 @ 28 Jun 2020 10:10 am

Been using SwiftSwitch long itme now using Swift Kit since first beta still using

Bl00d @ 28 Jun 2020 08:18 am

Good job!

Sean @ 27 Jun 2020 08:20 pm

Swiftkit owns

Joshuaxiong1 @ 27 Jun 2020 07:41 pm

Lol..I didn't know you can comment..well I'm from ****. Nice meeting ya!

Lachie 4 u @ 27 Jun 2020 06:10 pm

I agree with most of the above, SwiftSwitch is awesome!
Add my on runescape, My CHAR is Lachie_4_U

blaire79 @ 27 Jun 2020 03:23 pm

thanks swiftkit

lollerv @ 27 Jun 2020 08:38 am


ile89 @ 26 Jun 2020 01:14 pm

It's hard to block all gold selling ads because adsense only allows us to block 200 ads. There are way more gold selling ads than 200.

jess @ 26 Jun 2020 12:35 pm

its said that this program goes by jagex's rules but when i open it there links to buy gold? how is that going by jagex's rules, isn't there a rule that goes agasin't that?

Zw @ 26 Jun 2020 12:21 pm

Thanks for the hard work lads :P much appreciated

frederik @ 26 Jun 2020 10:58 am

i think it is a great work and it just got better and better. i would like to thank all the SK crews who make this possible for ppl who play runescape.

asshole @ 26 Jun 2020 09:19 am

yay <3 swiftkit <3

ZaaZazA @ 26 Jun 2020 04:34 am

****o swifty!!!
first of all, GRATS ON RELEASE!!! i've been using Sk for quite a while now! i stumpled upon it when reading an article out of RuneScape Wikia, it was something about Swift Switch - runescape banned it? =S
Anw, i want to tell everyone that the search problem - the one that crashes the window - ITS HERE NO MORE!!

well, atleast that's for me 0.0
dunno what happened, but suddenly, one day, i used it and was thinking - Oh darn it, i'll bet it'll crash - and then it actually worked. I shut and reopened and tried again and it still worked sooooo, it's fixed - again GJ sk staff!!!

Dark @ 26 Jun 2020 12:12 am

I have had the same problem as many people have said here.
Whenever I search an item on the database, it says Runtime Error and closes SwiftKit.
Please fix it. =D

watabouthis @ 25 Jun 2020 08:49 pm

i have been with the beta since it came out and was a proud user of swiftswitch but now i have a question why when i search in the quick search price database i get a window popup that says runetime error script 9: *something about the script* and the whole window closes! help me please

Alex @ 25 Jun 2020 07:39 pm

this update blows everytime u look a price up it crashs gj guys

helper12999 @ 25 Jun 2020 04:59 pm

wow i used to have an comp tht turns of wilst on runescape nooooooooooo more its gratz

presron @ 25 Jun 2020 03:39 pm

i am new i dont know what i do !

spike @ 25 Jun 2020 02:30 pm


Clemmy @ 25 Jun 2020 01:25 pm

Right click on the pad, hit change font or whatever,

that'll solve your problem, it allows you to change the font color

Jake @ 25 Jun 2020 01:23 pm

Erm, One thing i do not like, is that when i go to search something...

It closes on me and says " runtime error : permission denied "

and that has happened to many people.

Erm.. Can you please try to fix that?

Yours Truely,


Clemmy @ 25 Jun 2020 10:30 am

I like the actually swiftkit ideal. Beta was nice to have but im glad the real this is out now.. Thanks for all the help you guys put in and make runescape a much funner game. Thanks.

P.s. When I type, my letters are black just like the background in my notepad. Thanks!

lolmattylol @ 25 Jun 2020 09:26 am

right how do i work this?

speedstertje @ 25 Jun 2020 07:46 am

i'm wondering why they just launched new kit because within a week
there's comming a new graphic update RUNESCAPE goes FULLSCREEN

so most people will use fullscreen mode and then they won't use swiftkit anymore.

m3tal @ 24 Jun 2020 11:27 am

i want to use swiftkit since it was created buy when i run the rs it always says " the jave runtime environment cannot be loaded" what shall i do to use sk?

ile89 @ 24 Jun 2020 11:17 am

Reinstall SwiftKit

Dawidkiller3 @ 24 Jun 2020 07:57 am

There is a bug!!! When you search price database ,you'll get message and window closes by self!!

sarah @ 24 Jun 2020 02:04 am

yeah great client =) more than those other clients =)!

bluebird996 @ 24 Jun 2020 01:06 am

swiftkit is awsome I am very glad to be using it and when runescape goes to full screen I hope it will be able te be used along with it as well but good job with it so far. :)

Zack @ 23 Jun 2020 09:13 pm

Nice Job you all, even though I only had swift/kit for a month or two, I do know that this is 10x better than swift/switcch. Nice going, and keep up the good work you all =).

The Future Marine =)

Kaue @ 23 Jun 2020 06:14 pm

This ss is the ****! :)

Dawidkiller3 @ 23 Jun 2020 03:20 pm

Yea Yea.One question couldn't you just legalize SwiftSwitch?
Now you make everything from base...

Mnmnmnmmmmnn @ 23 Jun 2020 02:40 pm

swiftkit makes runescape fun you cna check otu your max hit and future skillz it fumkcing owns

ammense job swiftkit teaaam ; )

Solo @ 23 Jun 2020 11:28 am

Been using ALL of Striders programs and i'm gona say that runescape hasn't been the same..It's been BETTER!!!


james @ 22 Jun 2020 11:05 pm

im just really glad swiftkit is here well done im proud of all ur work and ty for the great runescape clients and a trustable 1 2

Jtlebout @ 22 Jun 2020 08:34 pm

Very nice, swiftkit ftw.

FranFran @ 22 Jun 2020 03:25 pm

Well..I've been working with you guys since you released beta :D
good job :D

meleeblade1 @ 22 Jun 2020 04:45 am

great, developers have made a great safe client for rs, ive told a few people about it, and some how it stops me lagging :)

k @ 22 Jun 2020 04:24 am

fix a map crash: ope map without updating it causes aq crash

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