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(Use the PayPal form above to contribute to the SwiftKit project, be sure to include your Name/Website/Nickname if you wish to be added to the list below.)

SwiftKit has been around for 9 years now, and all that time it has remained free thanks to the generosity of others who have contributed. You can help continue this by contributing and helping cover the many costs this project accumulates.

SwiftKit Supporters

Date Contributor Amount
15-April-2013 #smokin_dice $100 USD
19-March-2013 Joebobinator $10 USD
19-February-2013 Kaizhou $10 USD
27-November-2012 Hey Jacob $5 USD
03-March-2012 Deadknight2 $5 USD
13-February-2012 Gyakutelnan $100 USD
14-January-2012 psymann $5 USD
25-December-2011 AnneCatRS $5 USD
05-November-2011 djrippe $20 USD
03-October-2011 EB 420 $15 USD
10-June-2011 psymann $5 USD
08-May-2011 B-A-F Ben $5 USD
08-February-2011 Pk_Myth0 $5 USD
14-January-2011 Oz $30 USD
09-September-2010 DDK8D_L67/MOTOXXX09 $10 USD
15-April-2010 R3V07U10N $30 USD
21-February-2010 Floul1 ( $5 USD
30-January-2010 Drew Simrin $5 USD
10-January-2010 El3M3NT $5 USD

Above is a list of the previous 20 contributors, the SwiftKit Team thanks these users for their generosity to help support the SwiftKit project.

Noteworthy Supporters

Frank Serravalli (
Jestafreak and Lady Phreak (
W13 - Zybez Runescape Help (
Dark Slush - Ryan

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