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Update 1.74 - Max Hit Calc Refresh

This update we see various changes made to the Calculators. The most notable change has been the refresh of the Max Hit calcs. Both the ranged and melee Max Hit calcs have been brought up to date and now much more accurate. We haven't added all possible options to them just yet, so if you'd like something added please hit us up on the forums and suggest it.

In addition to the Max Hit calc changes we've also made the columns in the Progress Calc sortable. So now you can sort your goals by any of the fields. See the full story for a full list of the changes. Also remember to head over to the SwiftKit Forums if you have any suggestions or problems.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Max Hit calcs refreshed.
+ Progress Calc now sortable.
+ Outfit bonuse XP for certain Skill Calcs has been corrrected.
+ New quests added to Quest Center.
+ Buttons with images now have mouseover effect.
+ Internal Stats Lookup now has mouse over underlined effect.
+ Multiple mouseover bugs fixed in buttons with images.

Posted by Stidor in SwiftKit News | 10/10/12 | 9 Comments


lithinpk @ 08 2013 03:50 am

thanks a lot!!! it was very useful to me

Morten @ 20 2013 05:18 am

Im having a problem, i dont know if its swiftkit or my pc ****ing up tho, but every time i go to another tab or to the irc chat, and then back to the rs screen in swiftkit it seems to need to refit so it jumps up and down like it does the first time when u load it, so anoying...

Ivan @ 09 2013 10:08 pm

When are oldschool players getting world hopper? Been waiting for a while.

bush @ 21 2013 11:00 pm

needs more potato

Underrr @ 24 2012 04:24 pm

Add Weaknesses to Monster lookup pls.

imGAY @ 14 2012 10:55 am

kinda gay though

SwitchFlip @ 18 2012 07:49 pm

Were the crashes fixed? Usually when I attempt to open calcs via double clicking on a skill @ highscores lookup, calc crashes swiftkit.

Big Nigga La'trell @ 15 2012 10:12 pm

Word, dis update cray.... I'm boutta get ma quest on yo..

PvM Ready @ 11 2012 05:11 pm

Thanks for this! was wondering when this would come around.

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