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We're pleased to announce a new partnership and integration with one of the longest running and most helpful RuneScape fansites out there - Tip.It. As a result of the new integration, SwiftKit is now using Tip.It as it's primary source of RuneScape data. This includes items, prices, npcs, guides etc. To begin with things might not seem too different, however down the track we'll be making updates to utilise all the useful data that Tip.It has to offer.

With the new integration we've also moved the SwiftKit support forum over to the Tip.It forum. While we were more then happy with Zybez hosting them we felt that it made sense to move them over with the new integration taking place. We'd like to thank our previous integration partner Zybez for providing SwiftKit with database and forum hosting over all these years. The Zybez community have been great to us and we hope to continue being close friends.

In other news, SwiftKit will now automatically crop out that horrible in game menu bar. We're not fans of this top menu bar any more then you are so expect to see an update in the near future giving you the ability to hide it.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Tip.It integration.
+ Ingame menubar now cropped from Screenshots automatically.
+ New minigames added to stats lookup.

Posted by Stidor in SwiftKit News | 27/07/12 | 18 Comments


norway wolf @ 15 2013 10:59 am

you should work with runescape wiki for the info about items and such, and when it comes to prices you should work with grand exchange central(the site)

lololol @ 04 2012 09:08 pm

they should instead work with rs wiki ... much better and up-to-date information

no0bi1 @ 22 2012 08:01 pm

RuneScape will fall.

Boomer @ 23 2012 01:46 am

I personally cycle through Tip.It, Zybez and RuneHQ. They all do something better than the other, but Tip.It is by far a lot easier to navigate. The drop down menus at Zybez are pesky and you have to navigate them perfectly, and RuneHQ looks horrible compared to their older site. Tip.It Gets my vote for simplicity, navigation and info.

Jpg @ 04 2012 05:48 am

I've always used Zybez myself, but in recent times Zybez has been unable to create guides within a reasonable time of release (fight kiln quest is still not made) so I understand the new integration.

Johns @ 31 2012 06:57 pm

Zybez doesn't seem to have high standards...

Stev @ 31 2012 06:50 pm

Tip.It isn't flashy lights and shiny toys. It's a far more professional atmosphere. And JC, you don't need every bit of information on every page. If you wanted to know the amount of XP from CRAFTING a sapphire bracelet, perhaps you'd think to check out the CRAFTING guide, instead of that item's entry.

I have nothing against Zybez, but Tip.It is a far more informative, up to date, down-to-business website. Fully support this move!


Mr. Tastix @ 31 2012 08:43 am

My biggest requests for the database system would be to show us equipment stats in the item database and weakness/strength information for monsters (displaying how much Slayer XP a monster gives, if any, would be sweet, too).

These are all things that RS Wiki already does, and it's why I'll continue to go there until something does it better.

Tom @ 31 2012 03:47 am

I prefer Zybez for many different reasons, though it will be interesting to see if Tip.It can live up to the high-standard that Zybez had held for so long. Only time shall tell...

JC @ 31 2012 01:16 am

I don't like this. Items are much less detailed - I had to swap to RS Wiki to determine how much exp you get from crafting a sapphire bracelet, ffs. I've never liked Tip.It, and even though Zybez is outdated, they still have a lot more detail with everything. If you're planning to stick to Tip.It, please at least give us the ability to choose between the 2. Or make Tip.It as detailed - or more detailed - than Zybez is at the moment.

Orionztail @ 30 2012 07:36 pm

NPC database is much less extensive at quick glance - have to go to further lookup detail to actually find npc details. Potion purposes such as in dungeoneering pots are not included in quickview. Have they simplified too much?

Johns @ 30 2012 03:52 pm

@Zybez fans
Zybez = Outdated guides, databases, pictures, maps. thank god SK moved to Tip.It

Arora @ 30 2012 05:04 am

I think that SK should give us the option to change between Zybez and Tip.It as some people don't like Tip.It as much as Zybez (myself included)

Healer @ 29 2012 04:05 pm

Zybez is the best.

Hobo753 @ 29 2012 03:56 am

Finally, that god forsaken menu bar is going to be cropped out again can't wait for sk to remove it again

Ryan @ 28 2012 12:59 pm

Love the integration!

kumar @ 28 2012 11:11 am

zybez #1

tdawg @ 27 2012 08:28 pm

sounds Great i love tip it

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