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Update 1.73 - Bunch of fixes

In the latest round of updates to SwiftKit we see a bunch of a fixes and a few new additions. One notable new addition is the new Custom Bonus for the Skills Calc. This means you can now enter in your own bonus modifier. Which should be much easier than trying to accommodate all the new bonuses that get released.

I'd like to mention also that we're well aware of the issues the new in-game top menubar is causing. We're not a fan of this menubar at all and hope to believe Jagex are working hard to either remove it or add a toggle option very soon. We suggest complaining about it on the RuneScape Forums.

We've also got something exciting in the works that's almost ready to announce, but not quite yet. You may see traces of it in the latest update however we'll make a full announcement very soon.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Added Custom Bonus to Skills Calc.
+ The Crucible added to Stats Lookup.
+ New databases source. (info to come later)
+ Bug fix in launcher.
+ Armory UI revamp.
+ Armory sharing fixed.
+ Screenshot uploading indicator now shown.
+ Few fixes made to Diagnostics.
+ Added screenshot backup info button to Settings.
+ Fixed adbar showing for some P2P users.
+ New quest added to Quest Center.
+ Few new monsters added to Slayer Calc.

Remember if you have any suggestions, comments or a bug please let us know on the SwiftKit Forums

Posted by Stidor in SwiftKit News | 16/07/12 | 12 Comments


gsdjmint @ 26 2016 03:19 am


Muttonchoppa @ 04 2013 08:08 pm

My oldschool RS wont play. any help?

Mr. Popular @ 02 2012 03:42 pm

Now I have an even bigger excuse to never leave my house.

Cheers! :D

2012__Nimbus @ 26 2012 11:04 pm

Praise to SK. I've been using it ever since my cousin told me about it back when RS was still in its early stages. It's the best browser ever and I'm not switching to anything else. Also, I can't wait to see the announcement. =D

Jebrim @ 24 2012 10:57 pm

Jagex has already stated that they won't be removing the bar or making it optional. I really suggest you allow us to move the top portion of the applet out of view in SK.

Morten| @ 22 2012 07:09 am

I play in fixed screen and my screen does not fit atm because of the Home|support|forums|clans at the top :/

Tom @ 20 2012 04:26 pm

Thank you very much!

Fies @ 19 2012 06:07 am

Cheers guys!

Arson` @ 18 2012 09:47 pm

Thank heaps for all the work you guys ( the ss and sk) teams have used your product for ages and it is the best safest and most reliable, everything you could need is in the Internal Utilitys And the Whole Interface has been a pleasure to game with.

Thanks From a SwiftSwitch to SwiftKit User

Sawyer @ 16 2012 11:37 am

All my screenshots are gone after this update..?

Tyron @ 16 2012 09:23 am

Thanks for your hard work guys! SK - best 3rd party client ever. I've been using your clients for ages now, even since SwiftSwitch! Can't wait for the announcement soon.

Billy @ 16 2012 07:41 am


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