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Screenshot Hosting, Updates and Norton

The latest round of updates sees some changes to the Launcher and update process as well as the re-addition of ImageShack as a screenshot upload host option.

Launcher Security & Updates
Recent events has sparked us to review the security protocols of SwiftKit. We learned that unauthorized updates(not possible with SwiftKit) is not the only way users can be harmed. There are other ways, similar to last weeks events that not only SwiftKit but all other fansites are vulnerable to. For this reason we've decided to introduce a 'Killswitch' into the SwiftKit Launcher. This will give us the ability to disable SwiftKit from starting up should it ever not be safe to do so.

We've also decided to move all updates into the cloud. Which means all updates are served to you by servers physically located closest to you. As a result of this, updates should download much quicker. Especially if you are outside of the US.

Screenshot Hosting - Welcome back ImageShack.
Last month we decided to switch over the screenshot upload host to imgur. This was a popular suggestion to us, as ImageShack at times can be a little unreliable. What we didn't realise until pushing the update out, was that imgur compresses images which are over 2MB. For some users this may not matter, but for others it was an issue as there is a considerable drop in quality for screenshots over 2MB. Today we've pushed out an update that let's you switch between your favourite upload host.

UPDATE: Well it seems Norton fixed the last update for us but the new one is once again being flagged as a false positive. We have sent off another e-mail to Symantec, hopefully we can get this sorted so that it doesn't get flagged every single update.

After last weeks Launcher update it came to our attention that Norton SONAR was flagging SwiftKit with a false positive. We fired off a false positive report to Symantec who have let us know that this should now be resolved. So if you have the SONAR feature with your copy of Norton, make sure you update it to avoid any issues.

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gsdjmint @ 26 2016 03:19 am


Marius @ 10 2012 08:51 am

@Averil & @mph
The option to change the publisher and sign it is very costly, as we are a free service we don't make any money off SwiftKit and such options are a rather large personal financial burden. If they make it easier in the future or a viable option shows it self we will certianly look into this though.

As for issues with SwiftKit, please post on the forums if it's not already adressed in the Knowledge Base or similar, thank you.

ste97 @ 10 2012 12:16 am

@mph, I also seem to be having the same problem with loading runescape, i guess i'll just have to play on my browser until that's sorted.

ile89 @ 08 2012 11:29 pm

We would have to buy a microsoft certification if we wanted to change the Unknown publisher. They are kind of expensive to buy.

mph @ 08 2012 10:24 am

also, swiftkit has not been able to load runescape at all for me recently, i have already taken several measures to correct the problem(suggested on this site), and rs works on the game client but not on swiftkit.

mph @ 08 2012 10:12 am

yes, i would also like to see a valid publisher listed before accepting this update

Averil @ 07 2012 01:30 pm

Sonar just killed swiftkit again after the latest update so doesn't look like those issues are properly solved. I had run liveupdate from norton first so any related fixes they had done should have been implemented.

Aertsvijand @ 07 2012 09:31 am

When I was trying to install the update, it said that the publisher was Unknown. Could this be changed in any way?

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