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SwiftKit Mac 0.3.0b released!

The Mac client hasn't had some love in a while, and that's mostly due to how Jagex has reworked how the applet works on the Mac OS X. Now that RuneScape forces the applet to pop out of a standard webpage it caused conflicts with the way the Mac client worked.

It was a problem our Mac developer dTwizy and the staff decided to attack head-on. And the genius that is named dTwizy has found a workaround. And trust me, you're going to love it.

This new version is a complete re-coding from previous versions and as a result is structured and operated much differently. We have moved toward a modular docking mechanism which has the ability to grab a hold of the RuneScape applet and remained docked until you drag it off. It's a bit different than what we've had on our Windows counterpart, but all of us here believe it's 100 times better and easier to work with. You'll see what we mean once you try it out.

As a result of this recode you might notice some previous features missing from this update, but rest assured we're working to get them all back as soon as possible.

Please also remember that this client is still in a BETA phase and we encourage everyone to report bugs and comments to our forums here.

Posted by Zpoon in SwiftKit News, SwiftKit Mac News | 06/03/12 | 13 Comments


gsdjmint @ 26 2016 03:19 am


Pabs @ 31 2012 07:36 pm

Is it possible to download older versions because this one doesn't work on my 10.5 mac

Zig @ 24 2012 06:00 pm

Great stuff! I remember first getting version 1.0. It was a let down. I uninstalled it within a couple hours. :/ But this one is much, much better! :) Now if the colors were just customizable like the windows version... it would be PERFECT! :D The white really clashes with the game. Kinda just pops out there...

Jeeby @ 22 2012 11:36 pm

Keep up the good work brothas.

ile89 @ 19 2012 11:24 am

It would be MUCH easier if you just said what is broken instead of cursing. Any more cursing will get you banned from the comments.

AwwYouMadBro @ 26 2012 11:49 am

I'm on Windows and It's not letting me hit "play RS" ?

BlackXPrototype @ 25 2012 05:25 pm

I like too much the Windows version, i am getting a macbook pro sooner so i'd like to install swiftkit AppleVersion.

*This is the first tim i notice that i can Comment on Swiftkit updates or RS, so I'll be Commenting more On the posts, If Sometime further in the future you make an a Chat Option for Swiftkiters, that would be nice, on the top to an option to pop-up, without using the Browser Option, Also new Dj's would be sweet because one of them only play tecno music =.=.

Denizzz @ 25 2012 11:37 am

why does my swifkit alwats whitescreen when i click on "play RS" while im in game any1 knows the problem?

sF Divine @ 28 2012 01:32 pm

Where can i download this? is it just the main download?

Codedninaj @ 24 2012 01:26 am

The reason why is the programming languages they use to make it. They not making swift kit from scratch. They are using basic tools that the operating system has.

For mac you have native XCode which is Objective-C and for windows they using visual basic.

Objective-C is much nicer and made Apple products. Where Visual Basic is for windows only. Visual basic was made for users can enter the programming world which it does for a lot of people but some people think it's the best programming language ever and continue programming in it no matter how bad it looks.

Sethpyro @ 18 2012 04:53 am

I Agree Too How Come You Make It Look Out Dated To Find Out People Want To Play It.

CubanMaster @ 16 2012 03:04 pm

I totally Igree with renegate, Windows client looks out of date compare to the mac one. YOu guys should at least make a work around with the skills-icons. And another thing apart from that, I would love to see a big change on the sk app for iphone users, back to whe i had my android, Used to check everything in the app, it has a nice interface and everything, so sad I cant say the same with the IOS. Well anyways keep on the good work guys, ive been using sk since 2007 =)

Renegade123 @ 11 2012 07:00 am

Man, why desn't W7 Swiftkit look like that, or have better theme options?
And why are all DB out of date with info, shit amt of info, no info, no pics??

Just saying, I preferred Tiko.

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