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Update 1.7 - IRC Client Update

Holy smokes it's a SwiftKit update! I know, I know. It's been awhile. Even longer since the last chat client update. Things have been a little slow this end mainly due to us focusing on the Mobile apps and the Mac client. We do however have a great update this time around though for those that use the chat.

The SwiftIRC team have got together and addressed a number of outstanding bugs and also implemented some great new and improved features. Most notably being the new ignore system. This feature has been totally re-worked to be far more simpler and effective to use. This chat client update is the first of a few to come, so if you have any suggestions be sure to post them on the SwiftKit forums.

Changes and Fixes:
+ IRC Client Updated.
+ Fixed bug where profile names with [ or ] caused problems.
+ Added Bane Ore to mining calc.
+ Monkey Fighters added to Thieving Calc.
+ Added Zamoraks Favour bonus to Hunter Calc.
+ Fairy Ring codes updated.
+ Updated Fighting Calc data.

Chat Bugs Fixed:
* Idle time should now be calculated correctly
* Idle time display has been tweaked so that "1 sec" is displayed instead of "1 secs" and so on; An idle time of 0 is also now displayed
* Opening SwiftBrowse from the "accept first use" dialog no longer causes a crash (it's no longer a modal window)
* Attempting to save xml files to inaccessible locations no longer causes a fatal error (it is reported through the internal error system however)
* Log filenames are now sanitized to account for invalid filename characters; invalid characters are replaced with underscore. The log files are now read & write shareable to cater to the fact that multiple nicknames/channels could now log to the same location (#a| and #a* for example), same behaviour as mIRC.
* Colour codes are now stripped from xml files to prevent errors whilst saving

New Chat Features:
* New ignore system implemented
* The hash character will now be prefixed to channels names in the /join command if a valid channel character is not already present
* URLs beginning with https:// are now highlighted and clickable
* The output from several commands/events are now parsed and display to the user, including /who, /whowas, /silence, /away, /mode #channel +b, /invite, and more
* Ability to set custom highlight sound (.wav or .mp3); note that according to Microsoft documentation on the API used, this will not function on systems earlier than Windows 2000!

New Ignore System Details:
There is now an ignore functionality that can be used in three ways:

1) As a command (/ignore)
2) A dialog box to add/edit/remove ignores
3) Options on the nicklist context menu to ignore a person in private or publicly (in channels)

The dialog can be access by typing /ignore with no parameters. The ignore command also supports the flags -a, -r, -c, and -l, to add, remove, clear, and list ignores respectively (also understands the full words). The parameters for add and remove being the nick/mask to affect, and the type of ignore to add (default is to ignore everything).

Supported flags are:
p - Ignore private messages c - Ignore channel messages n - Ignore notices t - Ignore CTCPs i - Ignore channel invites f - Strip formatting codes w - Whitelist (no other ignore flags will be applied to any user matching this)

Posted by Strider3282 in SwiftKit News, Featured | 05/01/12 | 10 Comments


Fish @ 12 2012 02:04 pm

Yo how do i connect to IRC?

Dro @ 07 2012 11:29 am

Sweeet :D

LightsOut @ 06 2012 05:02 pm

Thanks for the great update

Requiem @ 06 2012 09:54 am

Awesome IRC updates, now we just need an AMSG system.

Blex @ 06 2012 05:41 am

Highlight sounds is pretty cool. Nice batch of updates

Samuel @ 06 2012 02:32 am

Me gusta, thanks for the updates. :) Keep them up.

RandomUser @ 05 2012 09:19 pm

Thanks for the update!

Lysergiaa @ 05 2012 08:40 pm

Are GE lookup prices ever gonna be fixed? :o

Simmo @ 05 2012 06:49 pm

@sam do you have a particular need for it?

sam @ 05 2012 06:15 pm

Nice to see ignore added, been waiting for this for a while. Will DCC chat ever be implemented for swiftkit?

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