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Runefest + mobile app discounts!

You heard right! SwiftKit is going to be at Runefest 2011! We decided it was about time we hit up the annual RuneScape festival.

We hope to use our time there to promote SwiftKit to new users and help provide a face for the most popular RuneScape client!

We didn't come empty handed either! Our cronie on the ground, Marius, has a bucket load of vouchers for our awesome iOS app (paid version, obviously!) to give away. Just keep a look out for the dude wearing the hoodie with a big blue snowflake on the front - say you'd like a voucher and he'll hook you up!

We'll also have some handouts for our Android app as well, so keep your eyes peeled for Marius!

For everyone else who couldn't make it there, we have a special offer on both our iOS and Android mobile apps. The paid versions will be discounted to 99c for the duration of Runefest - so make sure to get in quick!

Posted by Mak in SwiftKit News, Featured, SwiftKit Mac News | 28/10/11 | 5 Comments


RunDmc @ 02 2012 05:36 am

im buying my first ipod touch today! lol i thought i should let u kno your app is going to be the friest one downloaded to my ipod. :3

hi @ 28 2011 06:05 pm

Why does rs keep crashing on me, whilst playing rs it keeps freezing and lags, then the swiftkit screen all goes black so i have to quit it and restart it all the time, VERY ANNOYING!!!

Taube @ 28 2011 05:33 pm


Spookie Pie @ 20 2011 12:22 am

You know they have to pay £100 simply to put it on the app store?

Great work SK :)

Michael G @ 17 2011 12:13 pm

Not to sound mean or anything but why can't this be free like Swiftkit on the computer?

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