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FaceKit (April Fools!)

SwiftKit are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new invention, FaceKit - SwiftKit for Facebook.

More than 500 million individuals all over the world use Facebook. You use it to communicate with all your friends - ranging from a daily catch up to that cool party you’re having on Saturday. Starting today, SwiftKit will be exclusively available to Facebook users (as FaceKit) with full integration into the News stream and real life identity!

Because we think this is such a great and permanent innovation, we have from today ceased development of all other SwiftKit projects to focus our time and efforts on FaceKit.

FaceKit allows full integration of your RuneScape activities into your Facebook news feed. No longer will you have to manually tell your friends that you got that cool Hunter level or defeated that boss.

Say goodbye to pseudo-names! FaceKit uses everyone’s real identity and photo with all communications to ensure there’s no confusion. We truly are bridging the gap between the ‘internet world’ and real life! Family members, coworkers and future employers can see exactly what you're up to in RuneScape whenever they want!

We believe social networking is the future of the internet - and we are embracing it with open arms! We hope you (and all your real life friends) enjoy our new cross-platform delight - yes, even you Linux users can get in on this one! smile

Here's a sneak peak of what we've got in the cooker:

Posted by Mak in Client News, SwiftKit Mac News | 31/03/11 | 39 Comments


98569 @ 06 2012 07:35 pm


Forrest gump @ 17 2011 04:02 am

Life is like a box of chocolates. you neer know what you gonna get next.

lol =P @ 25 2011 08:02 am

verrryyyyy funny. i laughed when i saw this, then remembered that it wasn't funny...
but, a face-kit would be pretty awesome ^^

dungman100 @ 02 2011 12:28 pm

if you dont have a facebook then why would you even bother using the internet?

Uracheesecake @ 28 2011 03:45 pm

Omg this would be a great idea.Just 1 problem...
Trust me,I know...

Random Bomb @ 19 2011 08:10 am

might be a tad late, but i did notice that runescape ACTUALLY DID integrate it with douche-book!

wow lol, bet YOU guy;s didn;t see that coming? XD

Luke @ 05 2011 10:00 pm


Xela @ 01 2011 09:57 am

The awful thing is that Jagex have made Facebook integration with RS for real now >_>

Broadwater @ 17 2011 08:35 am

Badboy. i agree.

Badboy @ 09 2011 08:06 pm


People care too much about their image.

Eff_Yew @ 09 2011 03:30 am

What the hell is runescape?

anonomis killer @ 25 2011 06:42 pm

HA this is the worst joke ever how do you guys eventhink of doing tht to facebook tht wold ruin my life for sure and a bunch of others as well i am sooooooooooooo glad tht it was just a joke cause i would have to quit both if tht happend i would literaly delete my accouts both of thm runescape and facebook and tht is how i keep in touch with my cool friends ugh...............i hate typing i just thought i would tell you this chow :)>

KingOfMyPC51 @ 23 2011 03:51 pm

Looks nice except in one flaw with your concept by them really finding your who your are in Runescape can cause some real security problems and alot of people will be hacked more for the character and for revenge, thats the major problem with them finding out who your really are! On Runescapes I should Know I got a level 131 and have played Runescape for 10 years ever since the beginnning of Runescape Classic began and Im not lying either

Broadwater. @ 18 2011 11:14 am

lol facebook fails bad!!!!! thank god that this was an AF joke XD

ugotowned @ 16 2011 12:43 pm

i almost laughed at this a bit early for A.F though

To Madre @ 15 2011 04:45 pm

This was clearly an attempt at a funny april fools joke and I did laugh when I read it. But honestly it would have been much funnier had you actually got on facebook and set up a facekit page or app that is graphicly designed to look legit. By doing so we all could actually make fun of all the morons you convinced that it was real.

Dave @ 14 2011 07:15 pm

What is this runescape you speak of?

noobman243 @ 09 2011 08:12 am


Pies @ 07 2011 08:02 am

think id rather not let people know that im a geek at heart...

Faint @ 06 2011 05:16 am

lol i found this a pretty funny post since there is probly like 3 ppl in the whole world who would actually want this. i could picture people on facebook chatting with their friends or flirting with some girl and then it says you got 90 summoning in runescape lol one quick search on google and there goes any chance of having a social life. even funnier was that there was like 4,5 ppl who believed this haha

Duke Damn @ 06 2011 01:44 am

So people actually take things released on the 1st of April seriously? Especially ones that have the slightest thing to do with douche-book? I have 30000 friends that I talk with ALL THE TIME hurpderpdurpherp :D

justcrust1 @ 05 2011 01:14 am

can you make it so that you cant turn the chat off so people dont know you lvled and stuff like that?

el oh el @ 04 2011 05:43 pm

kinda late but i lol'ed when i read double yew flirt teen's comment

Lucky @ 04 2011 01:56 pm

I wanted this 2 happen :(!!! lol :P

=) @ 04 2011 10:14 am

Nice Idea,
But some of the reaction's are kinda gay,
do you know or there is comming runescape for mobile?

Ionic Leet @ 02 2011 09:49 pm

Brilliant work guys! this is exactly what I think we were all waiting for :) facebook-based swiftkit... only problem I can see is that my school blocks facebook :/
but now I won't have to go through the trouble of telling all my hundreds of FB friends about everything I do on RS every single time I level! it's perfect! can't wait to try it out and show off my GWD killz so the whole senior class'll be talking about it when I get back to school!!!!!

Excellent idea guys. Though I may miss swiftkit, it's just the next evolution- from SwiftSwitch to SwiftKit, now from SwiftKit to FaceKit.

Brad @ 02 2011 08:58 am

lol nice joke SK team.

To all the trolls/haters:
It was an april fools joke. this isn't really going to happen. maybe you should've noticed to date that this was posted.

Alexxx @ 02 2011 07:55 am

Haha, funny joke guys :P

Matthew @ 02 2011 06:49 am

Guys, It was a AF joke... No way in hell would people use this..

a @ 01 2011 05:17 pm

great idea guys. Hey, while you're on it, could you possibly add the functionality of adding a message whenever I log in, so that everyone on my friends list (and their friend) would see a message every time I logged on? thanks! :)

To all the haters: check the date ;)

James @ 01 2011 04:14 pm

It's a good idea, but this could bring out some of the sick people

#clan-cp @ 01 2011 01:59 pm

Great idea!

Zack @ 01 2011 01:53 pm

lol this is really dumb knowing half the players of runescape are like 13 and have facebook and there friends would clown them hard 4 the post but thats just me i think this should be re thought over but 1 good idea would be a downloadable runescape game so you can work on your player offline

Diva @ 01 2011 01:45 pm

What's Facebook?

Simmo @ 01 2011 01:59 am

Knowone will be forced to do anything both SwiftKit and FaceKit will be running side by side.

Lucky @ 31 2011 07:36 pm

Omg yes this always what i wanted!

Rage @ 31 2011 06:37 pm

This better be an early april fools day joke. . . Not a good idea, swiftkit is fine as it is. . . please continue to update it i like everything seperate as it is. . . .swiftkit alone is AWEWSOME dont ruin it by forcing everyone into facekit

fsdgas @ 31 2011 04:51 pm

l im sorry but who the fuck would want to say that shit on fb like you want a ruined life?

Double Yew Flirt Teens @ 31 2011 11:22 am

Haha... nice. Now my grandma and her friends can stay up to date with my Summoning level so when they die, I can summon them back into life.

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