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SwiftKit Mac is here!

We are pleased to announce that SwiftKit Mac is now available to BETA testers. The current build can be downloaded from here and any bugs can be reported here.

For information about the development of the client, see this blog post.

Posted by Mak in Client News, Featured, SwiftKit Mac News | 16/01/11 | 31 Comments


Brian @ 07 2013 12:13 am

I cant find IRC plz help

3loo @ 26 2012 04:01 am

i can't find my internal utilizes -.- it's like pissing me off

Aaron @ 14 2011 04:06 pm

Its beta people don't be raging i sold my mac and all that you should of kept your macintosh and just waited

coldblade2000 @ 17 2011 11:32 am

i cant seem to find the mp3 player and the player skill lookup does not find most players like me or my friend.

Jerry @ 09 2011 05:46 am

Cannot Resize on mac? That's lame... :(

ReMiXeDg @ 23 2011 05:39 pm

now that i get a peace of shit windows laptop to play runescape with swiftkit it comes out for mac wtf and I sold my mac for that I would of keept it!!

Angel @ 09 2011 04:07 pm

is there no stopwatch for mac? D:

Flirt @ 29 2011 06:06 am

How do i setup Auto Identifiy with it? I can't see to find out how anywhere?

Alex @ 22 2011 05:04 am

Thanks a lot, will there ever be a video capture feature?

Joshua @ 12 2011 08:57 pm

Does it work with the Nintendo Wii?

Mak @ 12 2011 04:11 pm

Yes. It works with all 10.5 and 10.6 systems (Intel).

Carmen @ 11 2011 05:13 pm

Does it work with Mac OS X 10.6.6 (10J567)Intel Core 2 Duo?

Mak @ 25 2011 12:49 am

The buttons are unclickable as they are placeholders for future features.

chad @ 23 2011 08:11 pm

i am unable to use any of the skill calculators or the to do list. can some1 please fix this ?

Chad Shephard @ 21 2011 03:29 am

i cant use half the tooks, like the calculator and to do list etc. how do i fix this ?

Evil @ 17 2011 06:06 am

@joll ever hear of WINE

Joll @ 13 2011 05:07 am

Waiting for Linux.

TJ @ 08 2011 09:35 pm

well i must say, this has worked great so far. i havent logged a lot of time on it. looks great, runs great. will be trying it out a bit more later on.
keep up the excellent work

nitzzzzahj @ 05 2011 02:30 pm


Mak @ 05 2011 12:05 am

Tim, it's hard to diagnose your problem without a video or something. Try Window -> Zoom. You can drag the bottom right hand corner to resize the RuneScape window.

Tim @ 04 2011 06:50 am

Im having all kinds of screen sizing problems to the point where i click the screen but my mouse is being recognized a full 2 inchs away... suggestions?

Chancre @ 29 2011 07:27 pm

Slightly off-topic but when you type "av" for range fighting calc, it closes off swiftkit.

Mak @ 28 2011 04:00 am

No point in a Linux version. The time it would take to find a developer and make it would be considerable and there's very, very little userbase for it, thus is not warranted.

You can run SwiftKit for Windows under Linux as per the guide in the Knowledge Base.

Eggy @ 28 2011 01:55 am

No linux version? dissapointing.

Mak @ 21 2011 06:35 pm

Search for your issue in the Knowledgebase or post it on the forums.

Bil @ 21 2011 09:45 am

hey, im sorry i'm posting this in the wrong place but i dont know where else i can post it. It's just a small thing, is there any way to make the windows that open through using the "quick links" tab on the windows version appear so that they don't automatically minimise and stack at the bottom, it's then a hastle to find them. It would be very useful to have them appear on top when clicked
I tried pressing the 'always appear on top' button on one of the tabs but it reverts to normal every time. Sorry for being so pedantic.

Mak @ 21 2011 03:55 am

Cam - this is only a BETA release and is really the bare minimum of features we could release to really classify it as a Toolkit. Over time we will be adding those cool features from the Windows version to the Mac version.

Cam @ 20 2011 10:34 pm

Hey got it looking through currently and trying it out, noticed there isnt like any armoury equipment sort of thing like there is on the windows version, will that be added in later versions once its more developed?

Bil @ 20 2011 08:36 pm

i'm not really sure what IRC is, i've been on it once and my impression is that it's just a simple chatroom.
Does it have any benefits over talking in game?

Mak @ 19 2011 02:37 pm

Hi Dan. IRC is found by clicking 'Show Internal Utilities' under the Stats Lookup. The IRC client we are using in SwiftKit Mac is not as fully functional as its Windows counterpart but we are working on a more permanent solution for the future.

Dan @ 19 2011 06:49 am

very good, not sure if i can find the irc :(

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