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Update 1.45 - Zybez Integration

Over the last few weeks we have been hard at work integrating SwiftKit tightly with Zybez's new website. This update will see some considerable changes to the database lookups in SwiftKit. As the amount of changes is so large we urge you to check out the full list of changes and fixes in the full story.

We hope that you enjoy this update and if you have any problems or wish to make a comment, please do so on the forums. Special thanks to those that helped test this update.

Changes and Fixes: (Biggest list in a long while!)
+ Fixed a blank player count bug in Server Status.
+ New Ardougne achievement diary entries added.
+ General source code cleanup.
+ Fixed a bug in SwiftBrowse that caused a crash with malformed URLs.
+ Skills calculator should now calculator in a smoother manner.
+ Skills calculator will now remember the last selected item when re-calculating or sorting.
+ Fighting calculator will now remember the last selected item when re-calculating or sorting.
+ Zybez added as an upload host to the Sceenshot Viewer.
+ Upload hosts in the Screenshot Viewer Upic.me and ImageHost have been deleted and fixed respectively.
+ RuneAddict link changed to RunePlanet.
+ Zybez Database Lookups have been switched over to the new Zybez Databases.
+ Database lookup results are now sorted.
+ Shops Database removed for now.
+ Internal Prices and Items Database lookups have been merged.
+ A Quests option has been added to the Internal Database lookup.
+ High prices in the Internal Items lookup will now be shortened with a "M" suffix.
+ Double clicking an item or monster in the Internal Database now directly shows the information instead of having to do two lookups.
+ Guides section the Quest Center now re-sizes to fit the guide.
+ Guides section in the Quest Center has been re-vamped.
+ Armory will now only list equipable items.
+ Armory will no longer let you put items in the wrong slot. (When available)
+ Armory will now auto-highlight the correct slot when you begin to drag an item. (When available)
+ Reduced the amount of output when exporting an Armory profile.
+ Added way to submit corrections to data in the Armory.
+ Due to the drastic behind the scenes changes to the Armory - you will not be able to load any profiles made before this update.

Posted by Strider3282 in Client News | 16 Nov 2020 | 41 Comments


jrocice @ 29 Dec 2020 02:58 pm

you cant download if can how

strider3282 @ 26 Dec 2020 01:44 am

5th I'm not sure why you can't see those...try going to the 'View' menu and make sure 'Show right hand side utils' is checked.

5th @ 26 Dec 2020 12:06 am

Well, I haven't been on SK in awhile due to the fact that I quit Rs quite awhile ago, but I got back on today for the event and I noticed the SK news page looked horribly bland and uninviting, unlike it used to. Also, the oh-so-convenient stats/price lookup utility on the right hand side is missing. Along with the "Play Runescape" button. I understand this was all part of the update, but having to open another window in SK to lookup anything is really, really annoying. Especially for the users that have slow computers. Please consider adding the "Play Runescape" button back as well..

However, despite what I mentioned above, great update!

1-1-2021 (formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) @ 13 Dec 2020 04:28 am

Edit: Line (enter any number 100-500)
Error just says something doesnt support the theory.

1-1-2021 (formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) @ 13 Dec 2020 12:22 am

Any time i switch pages, its always the same.
Error (enter random number over 1000 here)
Also, i cant open the update news on SK because it only gives me the error.
When i click no it wont open AT ALL.
You guys might wanna look into these annoying error plz.

sdasf @ 10 Dec 2020 04:04 am

there is no highscore lookup, or play runescape button up on the top right hand side.. so i can open swirfkit but i can play runescape??? wtf help please.

z sword123 @ 08 Dec 2020 07:36 pm

how do i download it???????????????????

Simmo (SK Staff) @ 07 Dec 2020 06:33 pm

Please post your problems on the Swiftkit Forums that way we can contact you and help you resolve them. Click them Help menu > then click Help(Forums)

LeeterFishy @ 07 Dec 2020 12:54 pm

how come I dont see stuff on my right anymore, like "play runescape" and "highscores"

Phaiii @ 07 Dec 2020 11:50 am

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but while comparing two players it onlyl shows one arrow on every skille, instead of 2(if for example player 1 has 60 attack and player 2 has 59, there should be a green arrow on the right side and a red one on the left side and so on).

armadyl bram @ 07 Dec 2020 09:54 am

my doesn't work any more

imdrunk @ 03 Dec 2020 01:03 am


ellooo @ 02 Dec 2020 12:20 pm

it might be better to put the updates online cause Some poeple got problems with their sk update

S4INT_D34TH @ 01 Dec 2020 08:29 pm

Well Done, and Congratz on the itnigration! ^_^

chris @ 27 Nov 2020 08:44 pm

nice job guys keep it up i know you will ;)

1-1-2021 (formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) @ 24 Nov 2020 11:47 am

Were not talking were typing.

Were typing about update + future features

Kouga_Wolf_6 @ 23 Nov 2020 06:23 pm

okay, what are we talking about?

DarkwarrioR @ 23 Nov 2020 04:30 pm

what about if make us able to turn off updates I d like to start swiftkit faster not to wait almost every time

1-1-2021 (formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) @ 23 Nov 2020 12:42 pm

Is the Java-freezing part just my comp or does anyone else have it?

malte564 @ 20 Nov 2020 03:51 pm

nice programm

Isafios @ 20 Nov 2020 01:43 pm

awesomeness tyvm :)

Roldon @ 20 Nov 2020 01:09 am

I still miss the Tiko Toolkit after the Zybez Site Update...

Thekid906 @ 18 Nov 2020 06:42 pm

swiftbez nice update thanks.....

nelty @ 18 Nov 2020 10:29 am

nice update :) tbh u do better updates than runescape lol

haha @ 17 Nov 2020 06:13 am

@Tomfell: Nice positive feedback. You a lvl 3 social skill noob? ;)
SwiftKit already pwned when it was SwiftSwitch and I think Bluelight Dev did an awesome job keeping all users happy with the best toolkit for a game I've ever seen.

I've been using it since about 2 weeks after SS came out and it has only gotten better and better.

Thanks Bluelight Dev, keep up the great work! Whiners always make the most noise, but you have legions of silent, satisfied, happy users.

Simmo (SK Staff) @ 17 Nov 2020 12:15 am

A few of you are posting probelm with swiftkit that have been there for a while and can be easyly fixed by cheking out the knoladge base (Help Menu) or by posting them on the forums.

if Java is Freezing Try updating to Java version 6 update 17

if you are having issues with Widescreen post on the forums or under the view menu click Settings then uncheck "Disable browser auto-sizing"

My Name601 @ 16 Nov 2020 07:44 pm

keep up the work, the long long long work LOLZ XD

ch0ob3r @ 16 Nov 2020 05:46 pm

keep it up.. nice merge =).

Catherby_9 @ 16 Nov 2020 05:30 pm

Quite awesome to hear about Zybez joining forces directly with SwiftKit/SwiftSwitch. Now we just need to somehow get you and them listed over at Jagex. ;) Power to the client!

Keep up the outstanding job, Strider3282. And we miss you back home at RS2.

1-1-2021 (formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) @ 16 Nov 2020 05:28 pm

Still didnt fix the part where u freeze while java's loading ;-;

Jesant13 @ 16 Nov 2020 04:42 pm

Great job guys. :)

khaos @ 16 Nov 2020 03:16 pm

hey there are a lot of thing that dont have prices but other than that thanks nice work guys

yo bro225 @ 16 Nov 2020 03:14 pm

great updates thanks zybez, and strider. :D

Oh Soo Legit @ 16 Nov 2020 01:52 pm

Good Stuff! Keep up the good work, always do! ;)

Hypno @ 16 Nov 2020 01:47 pm

Thanks everyone, good work (:

smiff57 @ 16 Nov 2020 09:33 am

Wow you have been busy, thank you.

TheMrCowYouFear @ 16 Nov 2020 08:26 am

Alright, seems like a nice update, Good luck with future updates :)

erand9 @ 16 Nov 2020 06:34 am


Kent Seivers @ 16 Nov 2020 05:38 am

Awesome Thanks

Amakudaru @ 16 Nov 2020 04:32 am

Very nicely done, Strider and company ;)

eltono999 @ 16 Nov 2020 04:28 am

cool, thanks guys

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