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Update 1.43 - Lots of little stuff

It's been awhile since the last SwiftKit RS update. The reason for that is because nothing major has changed. We have however made a whole bunch of minor changes and fixes so instead of waiting for something big I've decided to push the update.

You will of already seen the new splash images on the Launcher. Instead of just picking one of the top five we decided to use all five. The Server Status was no longer working due to some changes on the server list page so the utility has had a bit of a revamp.

The skill calculators also took up most of this update, with some fixes and a whole bunch of additions. Including a Brawlers Gloves option, new potions, slayer monsters and other item additions.

Another minor but often requested change was the ability to set the hour field on the countdown timer.

Changes and Fixes:
+ New Launcher splash images.
+ You can now edit the hours in the countdown timer.
+ Updated the Server Status utility.
+ Added Brawlers Gloves option to the Skill Calculators.
+ Fixed a level required bug in the Quest Center.
+ Updated Slayer calc data.
+ Fixed a bug in Skills calculator that caused SwiftKit to crash.
+ Cavefish and Rocktail added to Fishing and Cooking calculators.
+ Arctic and Ivy added to the Woodcutting calculator.
+ New potions added to Herblore calculator.
+ Fairy Rings updated.

Posted by Strider3282 in Client News | 08 Oct 2020 | 66 Comments


sanj @ 16 Mar 2020 03:43 am

i have a laptop 15.6" i use 1366x768
and i cant see my runescape menu if my IRC is open on Swiftkit the bottm bit that backpack/skills etc

Slayerkid @ 08 Jan 2020 06:36 pm


i was wondering if few items culd be added to to the equipment toolkit or wat ever its called :D

like Gs Bcp tassets etc
and the item search is really weird if i put dragon boots i dont get em
but if i put dragon i find them on the list

if this its anyways ment to be that way, i would like to know how it works

and ty for making swiftkit :)

steffi386 @ 08 Dec 2020 12:46 pm

ever since i got swiftkit i never stopped using it i dont think i can if i wanted to its an every day thing now
(yey got new keyboard)

Richard_b_12 @ 07 Dec 2020 06:24 pm

Ye nice thanks

mikepokemon9 @ 06 Dec 2020 11:08 am

hi well im fine with it but go ahead and update it but im not telling u how to run swiftkit but just keep it up thanks for making it

steffi386 @ 28 Nov 2020 06:46 am

(formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) your java proberly updated too high 4 swiftkit i ended up deleting the update

v-Dread try changeing the update server if that fails try removeing an d reinstalling swiftkit tht might work 4 u

Adib i will remember that very handy trick
its very amusing

steffi386 @ 27 Nov 2020 06:42 am

ack my keyboards messing up again
the last part of the last message
was on to this
and dark lotus may i have ur runescape addy please mines the same as my name on here

(note to self get a new keyboard)

steffi386 @ 27 Nov 2020 06:32 am

dark lotus your welcome i wanted to stop it crashing but it kinda hinted that it was the images i still want that dang thing sorted

dispite the fact tht i dont come ontt ohis page often i sumhow caught ur message lol

V-Dread @ 15 Nov 2020 02:21 pm

my swift kit its having trouble when i launch it
it stops at connecting to update server and then it goes time out or something and closes.. :S

mikepokemon9 [aka] rswinner09 @ 13 Nov 2020 07:39 pm

hi their i want one thing why does it only show some stats and not all of them on the stats lookup thing

Staff edit: It shows only the skills that are in the highscores

1-1-2021 (formally dat rofl and 13ounty k0) @ 08 Nov 2020 03:09 pm

Whenever i get to the Java part of loggin in to the game...
SK freezes.
Fix plox?

Dark Lotus @ 04 Nov 2020 02:30 pm

steffi386 - Thanks for the info taking off the images stopped the crashes for me too.. :)

Dark Lotus @ 04 Nov 2020 02:26 pm

sarasword123 - if you double click on any skill the calculator will pop up.. and you should see some tabs on it that say SKILLS - FIGHTING - COMBAT < click on the combat tab if your strength is ranked then it will be filled in (if not enter in your strength lvl and select any options and enter your equipment strength and then calculate.....

sarasword123 @ 04 Nov 2020 06:41 am

how do u access the max hit calculator is the one at the top of the page

Bobbix6 @ 04 Nov 2020 02:38 am

mint update guys. its ftw

XxHatredxX @ 03 Nov 2020 04:06 pm

for the SwiftKit's Max Hit Calculator... you should add special attack damage too :D that would pwn

sarasword123 @ 02 Nov 2020 02:43 pm

wat are all the ways to get music on my playlist? please reply

IbarrowpureI @ 31 Oct 2020 02:41 am

When i take a screenshot and go to View Screenshots,it doesn't appear at the end,instead it appears in the middle...Why and how can i fix it plz any1 reply

Raian the Fallen @ 27 Oct 2020 08:08 pm

Suggestion: when using the MP3 Player, clicking Shuffle will make the song order go all ape****. Is there a way for shuffle to still work, but keep the order the songs are in?

daddyattitud @ 24 Oct 2020 09:42 am

I really like the spash screen pics. Choosing all five was good choice to me. It would get old seeing the same pic everytime.

strider3282 @ 24 Oct 2020 04:14 am

'wish that your calcs would have the wildy exp for brawlers too not just the non wild'

Right click on the brawlers glove option. ;)

Mak @ 23 Oct 2020 04:24 am

poptart O_o, try selecting a different server.

steffi386 @ 19 Oct 2020 10:20 am

dark lotus im haveing the same problem it sometimes dose the same on summioning calculator
but if you stop useing the images it seams to work

i want that sorted out asap
kinda boreing and it looks awfullwithout the skill pictures -_-

yo bro225 @ 18 Oct 2020 02:59 pm

great images, love em

Dan @ 17 Oct 2020 08:35 am

All good but the splash screen, can't we get it added to the options? Much much preferred the old one.

benzenbutter @ 17 Oct 2020 12:25 am

love the splash screen...keep up the good work

poptart O_o @ 15 Oct 2020 02:00 pm

when i try to launch swiftkit it says "there was an error trying to establish a connection to update the server" i need help =(

King TRM @ 13 Oct 2020 03:25 am

The splash images are nice .. the Bandos one really kicks it up a bit!

Mar Necrocon @ 12 Oct 2020 05:16 pm

yhea i love the new luncher images so much i want to keep them any one know ware i can find them?

Cryo Kantana @ 12 Oct 2020 04:23 pm

hey cobra kiss i experiencedthe same problem, i just had to restart my computer then it worked fine.

Whip pur1 @ 12 Oct 2020 10:26 am

Nice update :)

`Rick @ 11 Oct 2020 01:24 pm

Liked the update, wish that your calcs would have the wildy exp for brawlers too not just the non wild otherwise i like it all.

terrorboy @ 11 Oct 2020 08:08 am

when i update i wond work ?

Cobalt @ 11 Oct 2020 12:36 am

PS: Thank you for finally adding the Farming data! Farmers Unite!

Cobalt @ 11 Oct 2020 12:34 am

I like using SwiftKit, for all the handy utilities - including GE prices. I also really like downloading and choosing between the different themes. However, with version (using Vista Home Premium, 1366x768) the themes aren't displaying correctly. There seems to be a new variable that needs to be added - the stats background is blocked in a different colour (under Display Name), regardless of what theme I choose (although the colour does change with each theme). Also, the background behind the SK icons for Play/Clock/Picture, Stats/Dbase/Web/Player are completely different colours (from the themes chosen and each other). Anyone else having this problem? I installed SwiftKit to the same laptop I'm using now a month or two ago, and it worked fine then. (Laptop died, reinstalled today). Great program!

Mak @ 11 Oct 2020 12:12 am

For those complaining about crashes or unrelated issues, there is nothing we can do by simply saying it's not working. You MUST make a post in the SwiftKit forum (RuneScape Community) with screenshots and detailed information about the issue.

teh thrower @ 10 Oct 2020 02:55 pm

Nice how you used ALL five. :]

Cobras_Kiss @ 09 Oct 2020 09:50 pm

Since I downloaded the new patch, I haven't been able to access SwiftKit at all. Is this happening to anyone else, or just me?

Raian the Fallen @ 09 Oct 2020 06:22 pm

Love the new update. I prefer the old splash screen image, though. And there's a small thing that's bugging me on the new ones. They say, "While Guthix sleeps we play on". The comma has been forgotten. xD "While Guthix sleeps, we play on." I think it looks better, but that's my opinion. I'm like, so anal about puncuation. So yeah. xD

Zaqttack @ 09 Oct 2020 06:06 pm

That Crtl + F1 feature is pretty cool. I'll keep that in mind.. ^_^

Adib (SK Staff) @ 09 Oct 2020 05:33 pm

To everyone posting about ctrl + F1: this is NOT, I repeat NOT a bug. This is actually the intention of the combination key. It is called a Boss Key. What it does is make SwiftKit disappear, from both your screen and even your taskbar. However, your SwiftKit did not close - it's still open. To bring it back, just press ctrl + shift + F1. It's basically to keep from getting in trouble with your boss (hence the name) or whoever you want to hide the fact that you play Runescape from.

I Am Ritsuja @ 09 Oct 2020 04:17 pm

I agree, The splash screen looks fantastic.
Also, Thank you for adding Ivy to the calculator.

Levi 1337 @ 09 Oct 2020 03:21 pm

nice. <33

Mdjd_2100 @ 09 Oct 2020 10:55 am

Nice Splash screen :)

hunter13rulz @ 09 Oct 2020 04:41 am

awesomeness awesome update luv it w00t!!!!!!!

Rafe Bourne @ 08 Oct 2020 08:12 pm

Great Splash idea guys

suggarbuzz @ 08 Oct 2020 07:23 pm

great update! (: thanks a bunch. <3 SK

how come you "retired" Strider?

newfiedudexx @ 08 Oct 2020 05:35 pm

awesome update :o

strider3281 @ 08 Oct 2020 04:52 pm

Everytime i pick a skill it crashes so ty for fixing that

metal4THEWIN @ 08 Oct 2020 04:22 pm

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you swiftkit!! lol

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