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Update 0.75 - Scrollbars

This update is the final update to the scrollbar changes. Over the last few updates we've made some major changes to how scrolling works in SwiftKit. Previously it was a rough, jumpy experience trying to scroll, not to mention the mouse wheel didn't work. This was quite annoying for a lot of people.

Well that's all been fixed now with the new Scrollbar control, which after this update now supports mouse wheel scrolling. Also you will now find you get an hourglass mouse pointer icon when SwiftKit is grabbing information, this gives a better indication that SwiftKit is busy fetching the data.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Fixed an index out of bounds bug when drag sorting items in the playlist.
+ Multiple bugs fixed in the internal calculator.
+ Slayer list updated with new scrollbar.
+ New search icon.
+ Fixed bug with scrollbar leaving trails if you scrolled it fast.
+ Mouse wheel scrolling should now work for everything.
+ Added hour glass icon when SwiftKit is busy fetching information.
+ Fixed index out of bounds bug in Quest Center.
+ Offline worlds should no longer prevent the Server Status from showing most full and least full servers.
+ Fixed bug when sorting the playlist it changed some of the song names to '1'.

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Gangster31 @ 10 Oct 2020 12:54 pm

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