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Update 0.70 - Mp3 Player

The Mp3 player would have to be one of the most suggested features throughout time for both SwiftKit and SwiftSwitch. Our main concern for not implementing one was that it would use too much resources, however after doing a lot of research we've found an audio library that's extremely lightweight and perfect for what we wanted.

You will now find the Mp3 player in a new tab beside the Quick Links tab with the icon of a musical note. We encourage you to give it a test and post any problems or comments on the SwiftKit forums.

+ Playlist load and save support for both pls and m3u playlist filetypes.
+ Remembers the playlist you last had.
+ ID3 tag reader to populate your playlist with Artist - Song Title instead of the file name.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Error handling added in if Zybez servers go down.
+ Ranged max hit calc has had some changes and additions.
+ Added the ability to add a password to a SwiftKit profile.
+ Added the ability to remove a password from a SwiftKit profile.
+ Added the option to cancel when you select New on the notepad.
+ Hyperlinks should now work in the external notepad.
+ Multiple XP adjustments for bows in the Fletching calc.

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