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SwiftKit Open BETA - Update 0.67

Welcome to the SwiftKit Open BETA, hopefully you are enjoying it so far. Things have been going quite smoothly in general thanks to everyone posting on the forums reporting bugs.

This update will hopefully fix an issue for some users who were unable to use SwiftKit after updating. As a side effect to fixing this bug we've also managed to cut the update sizes in half almost. Which is a big bonus.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Changed the max in-game average damage to 999 in the PC calculator.
+ Corrected the Progress Calc percentage calculation.
+ The keypad decimal key should now work with the internal calculator.
+ Fixed a decimal calculation bug for some users in the internal calculator.
+ Compression used for the updates dramatically improved by nearly halving the size of current updates.
+ Moved the SK watermark in screenshots to the center of the logout button.
+ Corrected the tab order in Combat calc and Progress calc.
+ Warped Tortoises added to the Slayer calc.

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