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Launcher Changes - Bug Fixes

A fair few bugs fixed and minor changes made this update along with two rather large changes. The two changes are the ability to move the left hand side tabs around, and the security layer added to the updating process. Both of which will require a fair bit of testing.

The move tabs around is fairly self explanatory, you right click on the tab you want to move and select unlock. The security layer update will need to be tested over the next few updates so I might force some bogus updates in a day or two to make sure it's all working fine.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Fixed bug where pressing cancel on the SwiftBrowse add favorite left a blank favorite.
+ Fixed bug where double clicking on the fighting calc results list when it had no results in it caused a crash.
+ The add slot 1 and add slot 2 buttons should now disable while loading the slot info.
+ Added the setting to let the Play RuneScape button load the classic servers page instead.
+ Added Play RuneScape Classic menu option to the RuneScape menu.
+ SwiftKit will now remember it's main window position, and if it was maximised or not.
+ The screenshot path setting textbox tooltip will now display the full path.
+ Updated the diagnostics to include the WorldMap.exe to help solve a bug with WorldMap.exe.
+ Fixed bug where SwiftKit would crash if the WorldMap.exe was open while it tried to update it.
+ Added ability to move the tabs to the left around, by right clicking and unlocking them.
+ Enabled the comments and suggestions links under the help menu.
+ Added layer of security to the updating process incase one of the update servers were to be compromised.

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