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Few new things and bug fixes

Changes and Fixes:
+ When sorting the quest planner it wasn't re-calculating the reqs and changing to the appropiate bg color.
+ Planner and Guides tabs swapped around in the Quest Center.
+ Fixed Quest Center error where QuestPlanner.ini could not be found.
+ Your default quest planner save will auto-load if it exists.
+ Removed "Richtextbox1" from the credits list.
+ Double clicking a quest in the planner will open the quest in the guide viewer.
+ Locked the credits text box.
+ To Do List added, Utilities > Misc.
+ To Do List settings now get imported from your SwiftSwitch settings if selected.
+ World Clock added, new tab with internal calc and username availability checker.
+ Added the ability to backspace in the internal calculator.
+ Moved the username availability checker from the internal spot to Utilities > Misc.
+ Counter added to timers and counters.
+ Stopwatch added to timers and counters.
+ Gravestone timer added to timers and counters.
+ Fixed a few rune time error 5's in the databases.
+ You can now click where it says "Click here" in the Items Database.

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