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This update I've added an entirely new feature, the Quest Center. Since neither SwiftKit or SwiftSwitch had much support for questing we've come up with a few tools to help. The first is a simple quest guide viewer, where you can view and search the Zybez Quest Guides. The second is a Rewards tool where you can view/search all the rewards from every quest. Lastly and the biggest is the Quest Planner, this allows you to create a quest profile saving all the quests you've completed allowing it to show you which ones you are eligible to start.

The Quest Center is not a finished product so we'd appreciate your comments and suggestions. Along with the Quest Center there are a number of bug fixes and a few other little things.

+ If your .skd pack files somehow got deleted SwiftKit will now re-downlod them via the launcher.
+ Fixed bug in item and monster databases where double clicking the results while loading crashed SK.
+ Instead of a message box telling you the username was not found in the internal stats lookup, there's now a red label saying "Username not found!".
+ Form caption added.
+ You should now be able to open up the fairy ring codes and gardener prices at the same time.
+ Help > About added.
+ Fixed runtime error when closing the calculators while it was unpacking the images.
+ Fixed a few index out of bounds errors with the databases when you pressed the down arrow key while no results were in it.
+ Quest Center added, Utilities > Quest Center.
+ Fixed a bug with the internal calculator.

Posted by Strider3282 in Client News | 14 Dec 2020 | 2 Comments


burgis01 @ 02 Sep 2020 05:27 pm

i know this is the wrong area to put this comment, but if any1 could please help me anyway, i would be greatful

burgis01 @ 02 Sep 2020 05:25 pm

well, i'm having troubles with the stat calc bit.. it's not finding any of the usernames i type in.
however, when i go to the official runescape highscores, there is no error

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