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More bug fixes and calculator additions

Continuing on with fixing all the bugs found by the Testing Team.

Also a bunch of items have been added to the skill calculators, thanks to those who provided/suggested them. There's not really a great deal else to say, I think majority of the bugs have been found and fixed so we can move onto adding new features again.

Patch Notes:
+ Arena enchants added to magic calc.
+ Dragon arrows and darts added to the fletching calc.
+ Fighting calc updated to match Zybez's monsters.
+ Fixed Iron Kite icon.
+ Added all bolts and limbs to the smithing calculator.
+ Toy Mice added to the agility calculator.
+ World Info updated.

Changes and Fixes:
+ The play duration timer wasn't starting if you selected play runescape from the menu.
+ Fixed still executing bug with clan database.
+ Fixed index out of bounds bug in highscore tools - compare.
+ Fixed a bug where pressing the take screenshot button with full screenshot setting enabled would take screenshots non-stop until you closed SwiftKit.
+ Fixed small bug with calculator where calculations such as 5 + 2 - 1 were showing incorrect results.
+ Fixed bug with scroll bar on internal databases causing SK to crash.
+ You now get an error if you delete your username in stats lookup and double click a skill.
+ Fixed subscript out of range error in clan databases.
+ When changing from Clan search to Player search or vice versa the clan database results will now clear.
+ Fixed a bug where search players and viewing their clans info wasn't showing properly.
+ Fixed a bug that caused SK to crash upon closing the calculators.
+ Database striped colors should now change properly when you change themes.
+ Combat and Overall labels made bigger on the stats lookup
+ Fixed bug with updater, Vista users who have UAC enabled should be able to update successfully after v0.51.

Posted by Strider3282 in Client News | 10 Dec 2020 | 5 Comments


gf s0n lol @ 21 Dec 2020 03:40 pm

Hey, I've been running swift kit for a long time, and just now, whenever I click outside the SK window, it keeps flashing the SK screen and it takes 4-5 clicks for it to stop...

Anyone got a fix to this? all help appreciated.

haji jack520 @ 14 Nov 2020 07:54 am

i have been use ths swiftkit like 2 month..and now its error everytime i open it.. help me please!

Spike @ 29 Mar 2020 09:47 am

Everytime i open combat calculator rune time error.... been like this for 4 5 updates now ... and ive delted and reinstaled many of time..

dark water @ 10 Feb 2020 04:30 pm

why does it everytime i close swift kit it comes up with an aplication error and continues to run in the background..

babye @ 14 Nov 2020 02:42 pm

how do i fix my screen shot? when i press the button to take a picture it wont work. even when i go to update there is no pictures found... help please

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