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First Closed BETA Update - BUGS?!

A massive amount of bugs have been fixed thanks to everyone who posted them, you've been a great help.

I'll mainly be aiming to fix all outstanding bugs and then begin working on new features. So hopefully after this update majority of the bugs will of been fixed.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Play duration starts once you hit the play RuneScape button.
+ Typo fixed in highscore tools.
+ Diagnostics permissions test wasn't deleting the temporary files it made.
+ Disabled the ability to delete the default theme.
+ When you set a theme it now saves it.
+ Fixed an error that crashed SK when you tried to load a non existent theme.
+ The moved utilities down button should no longer appear if internal utilities are hidden.
+ SwiftKit will no longer take a screenshot if it can't find the RsApplet.
+ Fixed division by 0 error in progress calc.
+ If your goal is less than your current level in the progress calc it will show as 100% instead of 1%.
+ Adjusted the % to next level formula, it should now be more accurate. (Skills close to a level should no longer show as 100%)
+ Adjusted the skills calculator results to in some cases + 1 as it was showing incorrect values.
+ Screenshots are now saved as YY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.
+ The Items, Shops and Monsters databases now give an error if you don't enter anything in and click search.
+ You can now only enter numbers 0 to 9 into the progress calc xp and goal fields.
+ You can now only enter numbers 0 to 9 into the combat calc.
+ You can now only enter numbers 0 to 9 into all the fields in the PC calc.
+ Fixed bug with diagnostics showing results after closing and re-opening.
+ Made the search boxes bigger for Monsters and Shops databases.
+ Removed the highscore tools result formatting in attempt to fix a few of the bugs found.
+ You can only enter numbers 0 to 9 into the treasure locator co-ord fields.
+ The boat type in the PC calc is now hidden if include damage is not selected.
+ Fixed bug with internal databases throwing an error when you entered strange characters.(For example ALT + 0160)
+ Fixed fighting % to next level from not changing sometimes.
+ Fighting calc % to next level should now change if you manually change your target level.
+ Pushing clear on the calculators should now clear all Pest Control fields.
+ Pest control calc should now show 3 values instead of two when changing between Goal Level and Goal Tickets.
+ Typo fixed in the profiles about msg box.
+ Fixed bug when you clicked Launch SwiftKit too many times.
+ Fixed run-time error with internal databases.
+ Fixed run-time error with external clan database.
+ Fixed default progress calc overall leveling from being 2, where it should of been 23.
+ Opening the full fairy rings guide should now open the proper link to Zybez.
+ When you change themes all listview striped colours should now change as well.
+ Fixed where if you changed themes the tabs sometimes weren't changing to the right colours.
+ Double clicking a skill on the stats lookup while the calculator images are unpacking no longer causes an error.

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